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To purchase Shungite Honey & other products visit: www.CosmicReality.net

Learn how to make your own Shungite Beehives!

See how we're using Shungite to attenuate harmful EMF & Wifi signals near our beehives to produce & maintain healthy honey bees!

View/Shop Shungite Products at www.CosmicReality.net

Since the introduction of Shungite to our beehives,

we've experienced zero CCD losses (Colony Collapse Disorder)

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ShungiteBeehives.com is where anyone can share their experiences using Shungite on their beehives. Information is free to use, then we hope shared with others. Regardless if you currently own beehives or not, we encourage you to take an active role in the forums. Feel free to ask questions or share your Shungite beehive results with others.  We recommend as a starting point for why  we use Shungite on our beehives, you read our About Us page.

Derek & Maureen Condit

Shungite Beekeepers

Working in collaboration with:

Cosmic Reality LLC