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Sep 29, 2017

You may already be aware how humanity is killing bees.



You may already be aware how humanity is killing bees

through a variety of methods. In an earlier article The Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying Off, I discussed how neonicotinoid pesticides, GMOs, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and geoengineering were all contributing to disrupting and killing bees, through phenomena like CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Mankind is gravely endangering its own survival on the planet by injuring the bees like this, since we are all dependent on bees for pollination and our food supply. Einstein famously said that humanity would only survive for 4 years if the bees were wiped out. There may well be more than 4 ways in which humanity is killing bees, but a recent interview with Gabe Cruz (a former cell phone industry worker who has become a kind of whistleblower and interspecies communicator) reveals that one of these threats may be the greatest of all.



Full Article Here

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  • Got an email: Hello Nancy all I'm really asking is there a method or formula an everyday person can use for trying to get people to "wake up"? Especially people who mean something to you. Sometimes I think I'm sounding more unbelievable by the day. Please, If there is anything that you know of that works don't hesitate to gift me your ideas. That is all. Thank you very much for your reply! Zack, The everyday person is awakening and that is problematic because it causes tremendous fear. They do not want to listen to us because we confirm there is much to be concerned with. We have to focus on solutions not problems. That is where Shungite and the Bees comes in. Everyone knows the Bees are disappearing. What they do not know is all the insect population is down by an estimated 76% and that figure is years old. What they do not know is we are running out of time. My estimate is we have only 4 years before what scientists call the "Sixth Extinction Event" will materialize...in the Old Matrix Reality. Let's look at the Rules of Cosmic Reality: 1. Reality is what you think it is. 2. Majority wins. 3. Those in control of a given reality will keep everyone else from knowing Rules 1 and Those who are unaware are unaware they are unaware. They have bought into the Old Reality. As soon as any of us began awakening the Old Reality began to change. We had changed and our thoughts were no longer focused on maintaining the Old Reality. Our tiny section of the Old Reality began vibrating out of sync with the majority. As more of us have seen the problems, more of the new frequency began vibrating. As we are scattered throughout the world, the Old Reality began to develop fractures. At this point there are rips and tears throughout it. As more people change frequency, more changes are occurring in what I call the “Collective Subconscious”. Every human thought emitted is contained in the Collective Subconscious. It is like a server computer recording every thought because there is an “uplink” to the server from every individual “computer” - every human mind. Well there is also a “downlink” from the server to the individual computers. The Collective Subconscious influences every human mind. It is in the Collective Subconscious where any given reality gets its power to exist. The more change to the Collective the more reality begins to morph for the individual. And when that happens people get fearful and lash out at anyone who is promoting the concept that drastic change is demanded for us to survive. So we need to provide solutions resulting in action that propels hope to eliminate fear within the Collective Subconscious and the minds of those everyday people. And that is where Shungite and the Bees come in. We are demonstrating that just 3 Shungite nuggets can create a Shungite Environment in a beehive. Instead of sick and dying bees we have healthy, thriving bees. We claim this is a result of Shungite’s ability to “attenuate” or change to biological compatibility all EM/WiFi and other radiation signals, as well as all chemical toxins. And this seems preposterous to those in the Old Reality built upon the concept matter is what dominates reality. If Shungite is really doing what we say it is for the Bees, we are saying we live in an energy universe and energy comes BEFORE matter. And the Bees are proving us right. The energy of Shungite combined with the energy of those believing reality is based upon an energy universe is reversing the path to the Sixth Extinction Event. And this, Zach, is what we must focus on. We cannot engage in conversation every angry, fearful, everyday person. We can make the change in them by dominating the energy patters of the Collective Subconscious. If it is an energy universe and thought is the most powerful of energies then we simply must consider ourselves in a scenario of “Mind Warfare”. We must begin to think of ourselves as “Thought Warriors” dedicated to changing the Old Reality of Awfulness into a New Reality where Bees do not die, because of actions perpetrated by very few individuals. Those individuals and their network have used Rule 3 of Cosmic Reality to keep us ignorant of Rules 1 and 2...no longer! Get obsessed! Make every thought count! Let us jam the Collective Subconscious with the thoughts of Shungite Bees. We have provided a solution to one type of extinction; eliminating fear; and propelling hope. The thing missing is, “...the need to provide solutions resulting in action.” And this is the answer to your question, Zack. You asked, “...is there a method or formula an everyday person can use for trying to get people to "wake up"? That formula is to program yourself to keep telling the same story over and over until they suddenly just get it. What has been missing is the unification of the same story. My proposal is we settle on the story of how we saved the Bees through the help of Shungite. That requires the following action: 1. Go to https://www.shungitebeehives.com/ and the Shungite Beehives Forum and become a member. 2. Read every post, see every video and listen to every radio show. Become an authority on the project. Get excited about what is happening. And every single chance you get, tell the story to whoever will listen. Those who do not start asking questions are really a waste of time as they are in “cognitive dissidence” and cannot hear you. Bless them and beyond your way. 3. You may not get many, but some of them will perk up and hear you. Then it is your job to get them excited. 4. Gently lead them into helping us spread the word by simply joining the Shungite Beehive Forum and becoming more knowledgeable themselves. And perhaps you can then have conversations about energy universes and intention bringing manifestation and a New Reality. Zack, I realize this is a long answer to your question. And I am so grateful you gave me the opportunity to answer it. My team of Gaia Groupies/Shungite Beelievers are in fact focused on one goal: get the world to see the Shungite Bees in time to save ourselves from the Sixth Extinction Event. What else would you choose to do for the next couple of years? Namaste - Nancy
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Clashes with Honey Bees, by Sainudeen Sahib.S, published in International Journal of Environmental Sciences Volume 1, No 5, 2011 Regarding loss of bee population in India “Bees and other insects have survived and evolved complex immune system on this planet over a span of millions of years. It is not logical that they would now suddenly die out now due to diseases and natural parasites. This suggests another factor has been introduced to their environment that disrupts their immune system. This man made factor is the mobile towers and mobile phones.” Full article: http://www.ipublishing.co.in/jesvol1no12010/EIJES2044.pdf