Summary of Potential Effects of 345-kV Power-Line Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) on Honeybee Hi


Overview of Project-Specific ELF-EMF and Honeybees The interactions between honeybees and power-line, extremely low frequency (“ELF”) electric and magnetic fields (“EMFs”), similar to those projected for the CapX2020 transmission lines, have been examined in scientific studies. In those studies, little has been found in the way of adverse effects, and nothing has been found regarding adverse impacts on honeybees of EMFs at levels projected for the CapX2020 transmission lines. The types of ELF-EMFs projected for the CapX2020 transmission projects are encountered frequently near existing transmission-line corridors. Additionally, literature on beekeeping appears not to identify any problems specific to overhead transmission lines at 345-kV and below. Some websites on the Internet suggest that effects such as honeybee “Colony Collapse Disorder” are related to magnetic fields, but those Internet sources focus on the radiofrequency (“RF”), cell-phone portion of the electromagnetic spectrum and not on ELF-EMFs.

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