Treatment of oil-containing wastewater using microorganisms immobilized on Shungite.


Bioremediation of oil-polluted natural objects using oil degrading microorganisms immobilized on shungite sorbents was investigated in laboratory conditions. Microorganisms isolated from soil of Botakhan oil field, located in Makat region (Atyrau) are presented for the first time. The isolated active strains of microorganisms were screened and identified (P.stutzeri, B.atrophaeus, Isoptericola varabilis). Immobilization of oil degrading bacteria cells on shungite sorbents from Kazakhstan (“Bakyrchik” field) and Russia (“Zazhegino” field) was performed. Sorption and destructive activity of bacteria strains have been studied. The biosorbents proposed here are shown to provide effective adsorptive and biological purification of wastewater from oil.

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