A Revolutionary Approach to Exposure to Lethal Doses of Radiation.


A Revolutionary Approach to Exposure to Lethal Doses of Radiation The quest for effective radioprotectors has been underway for decades. New radioprotectors—chemical compounds used to protect living organisms from ionising radiation—are tested under very stringent conditions. Astronauts, for example, need protection from exposure to extremely high levels of radiation when crossing the Van Allen belts. The Sun itself can blast the Earth with X-band coronal mass ejections with little warning, thus another need for radioprotectors. There is a layer of radioactive particulates from Fukushima, Japan, that's an additional threat to our atmosphere. Weather (rain, snow, storms) tends to bring it down, and many locations now have to endure sporadic increases of up to 10 times the normal background radiation. The Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC) posts RADCON level alerts that are updated every minute anywhere in the world (see http://www.netc.com/). The need for a new concept in addressing these issues is greater today than ever before. Radiation levels have increased to such an extent that some form of protection or supplement is required to deal with changes in our exposure. Activated charcoal and related carbon-based compounds have always had a place in our medicine chests. Enter the recent Ukrainian and Russian studies with fullerenes, a group of special carbon-form structures that trap water inside specific geometric surfaces. This is one of the newest directions around the nature and structure of water.

Fullerene Water in Detoxification and Radiation Protection Fullerene water has been shown to have significant health-promoting properties. It seems to increase the liver's capacity to detoxify and excrete toxic substances. To prevent hangover or mitigate its effects, for example, it suffices to take several drinks of such water before or after drinking alcohol. The same should be done in the event of a possible toxic hazard or a case of food poisoning. Pre-clinical studies at the National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine, found that fullerene water facilitates recovery of haemodynamic (blood flow) and trophic processes in the liver, and has a pronounced hepatoprotective effect. Clinical studies at the Kharkov National Medical University, Ukraine, involving fullerene water treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis of toxic origin, demonstrated a significant decrease in clinical manifestations of the disease, frequency of cytolysis syndromes, immune inflammation and liver cell deficiency. It's suggested that fullerene water can be included in the combination treatment of liver pathology with a viral and toxic aetiology. Preclinical studies showed that water containing carbon molecules had a cardioprotective effect by inhibiting myocardial intoxication and producing a pronounced normalising effect on cardiac muscle functionality.

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