Transformations of shungite in aqueous media (pH from 1 to 12)


The kinetics of leaching of Karelian shungites (types I–III) with water at pH in the interval 1–12 was studied. Changes in the chemical composition and structure of the shungite substance were revealed by X-ray fluorescence analysis and scanning electron microscopy. The catalytic properties of shungite were studied in relation to the presence of oxygen in water. The optimum design of a shungite–carbonate installation for potable water treatment was substantiated.

Original Russian Text © G.A. Skorobogatov, Yu.A. Ashmarova, A.G. Rebrova, 2017, published in Zhurnal Prikladnoi Khimii, 2017, Vol. 90, No. 1, pp. 121−127.

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